He stuck around for far too long, but that random guy we’ve been listening to is finally done playing his violin. I can only hope that your auditory capacities are still functioning after suffering through the past few weeks of his raucous noise-making. If nothing else, you’ve all learned to develop long-suffering and forbearance in the face of unspeakable musical hardship. Well done. You made it.

The last piece I played at my recital was the Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy. This piece needs very little by way of introduction, since I’m sure almost every one of you has heard it before. Debussy wrote the Claire de Lune for piano, but it has been transcribed for flute, guitar, cello, violin, and several other instruments since then. I was able to find some flute music, changed a few things around to make it more playable for the violin, and paired it with piano accompaniment. To me, the joy of this piece in its pliability. Each phrase can be manipulated and interpreted in multiple different ways, and each perspective leads to a new world of sound and a unique musical experience. As a performer, these kinds of pieces are lovely to play because they can be experimented with even while on stage.




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